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Camping Trailers

Y.T.C. manufacture camping trailers and also stock Daxara camping / tipping trailers.

A Yorkshire Trailer Centre camping trailer is built to last and are supprisingly lightweight and easy to manouver, they are constructed using a steel chassis and G.R.P. body which is framed with steel meaning the camping trailer can take a beating and still be good as new.

Y.T.C. Daxara range trailers are the lightest type of trailer on the market and when not in use are designed to "stand on end" enabling you to save space, Daxara trailers also have a tipping function which makes the perfect for carrying things such as sand for that time of year when the garden demands work (editor - And we all hate that time).


Daxara camping trailers and Yorkshire Trailer Centre camping trailers can all be fitted with a cover to ensure whatever your loading doesn't get wet sould it decide to rain.


Daxara camping / tipping trailers can also be fitted with a 30cm high cover allowing you to fit more equiptment in and even has the option of having a cage fitted should you be using the trailer as a general purpose trailer.


Daxara trailer pictured is our Daxara 127 range trailer with a standard cover, dimensions are 4' x 3' 

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