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Flatbed trailers are used by all different professions, including gardeners, builders and market traders. One thing is for sure a Y.T.C lowloading trailer is built to last & to do the job in hand.

All Yorkshire Trailer Centre plant trailers have a galvanized chassis, and start from as small as 6ft up to 14ft, single axle, twin axle , braked or unbraked we do them all.

All lowloading trailers come with rope hooks to enable your loads to be secure as standard. All other load securing devises can be fitted as optional extras.

Flatbed trailers can be supplied with many extras and accessories to suit many applications. All flat bed trailers have a lower loading height than other trailers.

Flatbed trailers, landscape trailers, lowload trailer, car haulers, industrial trailers, Y.T.C build all you trailer needs at the best prices and offer finance on all new builds!

Call us on 01977 517809 to find out if we can offer you finance.

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